so last night the raptors got robbed in atlanta. i’m not even going to talk about it because it just ticks me off. but you can read about the shot clock problem here. apparently colangelo may be protesting the mistake to the league, although i’m not sure what would happen. can the league go back and change the outcome of the game giving toronto and win?


i came across this article on the 101 most useful websites.


on the topic of handy sites, here are two that i use quite often: da font (almost 8,000 free fonts to download for both PC and mac). the other site, that i just came across but am loving is keepvid. it gives you the ability to download to your computer videos from sites like youtube etc. all you do is plug in the URL and hit download. and the best thing is it literally only takes like 2 seconds. presto!


N.T. Wright has been getting loads of press in the last couple months for his view of heaven. wright strives to understand the biblical language of resurrection as opposed to basing his theology of the after-life (or, life after the after-life!) on philadelphia cheese commercials. i like. here are two recent articles on the topic.


there’s tonnes going on in the office/community lately. i’m currently in the midst of directing and putting together a trip we’re doing this summer with the youth. we’re heading out to glace bay in cape bretton, nova scotia to serve with dave sawler. in total there are 13 of us, and we’re driving! WHOO-PA! should be sweet. also, we’re running a sports camp for kids in the community for a week in the summer and we’re currently in the marketing stage of that as well as pulling together all the volunteers etc. also, i’m working with a group of students at a local highschool to figure out creative ways to be salt and light there and thats really neat!


this past sunday (march 30) was the youth service at ACC. we took over the entire morning service so the youth did everything. it was really cool. i also got a chance to preach for the first time at an ACC sunday morning gathering. i aimed for 40 minutes and ended up going for 63. eff. i spoke about the Church and our role in new creation. if you have 63 minutes to spare you can check out the talk here. enjoi.

whelp, i think i’m gunna go out for some thai. i have a craving for hot and sour soup at the moment. msg. what are ya gunna do?



hey all. here is an interesting article from ‘wired’ magazine about an astronomer who is challenging the big  bang theory. this stuff is kind of over my head but it’s interesting to think that scientists that are so sure of themselves could potentially have misinterpreted the data.

so i came across this website, quite by accident. what you do, is input your blog URL and it spits out the level of education needed to understand your blog. the following is what i saw when i entered my blog:

cash advance

apparently anyone who can eat their own food can understand my blog. i’m pretty sure ‘elementary school’ is the lowest level, unless there’s a ‘comatose’ category that i’m unaware of.

i don’t know what the criteria are for upping your level, but from now on i will periodically throw in big, complicated, words in the hopes that i will climb the ranks to ‘genius’.


i wonder if Jesus had a blog, what his level would be. he talked about kids a lot, so maybe he’d have an ‘elementary school’ blog too. but then again, he told stories that no one really understood, so maybe he’d have a ‘genius’ blog.

dang it.




i’m starting a new series here called ‘up and down’ and it’s where i personally give up’s and down’s for various things that are worthy of an up or a down (up being good, down being not so good). get it? here’s the inaugural post…

up to darren glendenning who pointed this funny tidbit of nonsense out to me. go to google maps and click on ‘get directions’. enter the following information, from: new york, new york, to: paris, france. scroll down and read line 23 (or just check out the picture below).

up to jevan for this hilarious post.

up to ticketmaster for releasing raptors playoff tickets in blocks. i thought they were sold out. until tonight! i got a ticket for game 2. it’s first row in the balcony…hellatight!

down (a BIG down) to ticketmaster for verification codes. holy crap i hate those things. i swear they have those verification codes just to piss people off. you have to be a genious to read half of those things. it’s like they TRY to stump you. what the crap? i can’t read that. superman can’t read that. who made this? GEEZ. my macbook almost flew across the room as a result.

down to my macbook. i’ve had my macbook for about 11 months now (may 2006) and i’ve never had any mishaps. this past week i dropped it twice. dang it.

up to my ogio laptop case for saving my macbook from sure death when it hit the pavement outside of Christina’s parents house.

down to the washington wizards for not being able to stay in 6th place and give toronto an easy pass to the second round. slackers.

up to an exciting first round when toronto faces new jersey. this means vince will be in the house. yesssss!

down to bonehead reporters. i heard an american reporter refer to the young man who shot all those people at VT as “a creepy loner kid.” wait to go buffalo news 3rd string reporter. it’s words like that that make people want to shoot other people.

up to this new series. 




first of all, i’m really glad that i don’t have to jump on the raptors bandwagon. i’ve been on that thing for the past 7 years and wow, even though the last 3 years were hurting, this year is shaping up nicely! i’ve been out to a couple of great games this year and i just can’t believe me eyes. their 4th quarters in the previous 2 season were absolutely horrendous! this season, however, they are able to close the deal. wow! by the way, one thing that frustrates me is the lack of coverage on cable tv. if you want to see most of the raps games this season it seems like you have to be a raps tv member. whats up with that?


i bought the new bloc party album today, ‘a weekend in the city.’ wow. it’s really good. better than i expected for sure.


i’m trying to figure out how to install theGimp on my computer but frig, why can’t they make these things easy? open source softwear is quite confusing.


there’s no other way to put this, so i’ll just say it. i’m very materialistic, and i hate it. the lust of the eyes is ridiculous. why do we always crave what we don’t have/need? was looking at all my crap today, and i have too much of it. i think i have like 20 pairs of shoes, 17 of which are dope. but seriously, whats the deal with sneaker fetishes and what does it take to break it? i’m getting sick and tired of just spending money and buying crap. things that in seconds, will turn to dust. i’m getting married at the end of september this year so this is all starting to take on a new look for me. i need to save money. on top of getting married, and thereby having a spouse, we’re looking at buying a house. the thing is, i don’t believe i need to save up all of the money i can so these things can happen, because i truly believe the Lord will provide my needs. however, what if i spend my money on myself? on stupid, fading things? like, what if i just keep storing up my treasure here on earth? i get the feeling that i’m robbing myself of real joy. i need the Lord to change this part of me. i need to submit this to Him. i long to be a minimalist. long to love God more than myself. forgive me Father, for being so slow to learn and even slower to trust You. change me.