A Glimpse of the Mystery.

“Yet, when all is said and done, what the world most needs from the church is not so much instruction about the nature of the mystery as a glimpse of the Mystery itself operative in us. It already knows its own passion, and the vastness of the shipwreck of history; it waits for us to show it the power of Christ’s Passion and to lift man’s agony into His.” – Robert Farrar Capon, An Offering of Uncles: The Priesthood of Adam & the Shape of the World (182).

I finally made the time to finish this wonderful little book off tonight. This quote is from the very last page, to which I say, yes and Amen!

Dare I say that this is what the church is most in need of as well, “a glimpse of the Mystery,” that is, the risen and living Jesus. This is essentially what I was trying to say in my sermon from last Sunday.



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