Beer: Or, a figural reading of Numbers 21.16.

I was just reading through some of Numbers for our church bible study this evening and came across this doozie:

“From there they continued on to Beer, the well where the LORD said to Moses, “Gather the people together and I will give them water,”” (Numbers 21.16).

That’s right, the well in the desert where the LORD gathered Israel to quench their thirst was named Beer. Beer: communal and thirst quenching since Day 1.

Oh, and then Israel burst into song (and presumably dance):

“Spring up, O well! Sing about it, about the well that the princes dug…” (21.17). Spring up, indeed!

Beer: transforming bitching/complaining (cf. Num. 21.5 et al) into song (and presumably dance).

So, yeh, beer is good.



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