An Ascension Prayer.

Lord, our God, our Father in Jesus Christ, your Son, and our brother, we thank you that everything is as we have now again attempted to say and hear. We are sorry that so often we have been blind and deaf to the light of your Word. And we are sorry for all of the sin in our lives that this has caused. And because we know well that without you we would be continually lost, we ask that you not cease to touch us with your Holy Spirit, to awaken us, and to make us alert, humble, and brave. We do not ask this for each one of us individually, but we ask this for one another, all those who are in this house, for all prisoners in the world, for all who are suffering or ill in body or spirit, for the homeless and the downtrodden, and also for all those whose concerns and needs are hidden from us, but not from you. We ask this also for those close to us, for all parents, teachers, and students, for the people who hold positions of responsibility in the state, the administration, and the court, and for the preachers and ministers of your gospel.

Help them and all of us to bear what must be borne; but also, above all, to think, say, and do what is right; to believe, to love, and to hope in the great riches that you will give to them and to us. Amen.

– Karl Barth, Fifty Prayers.


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