On Fr. John Behr.

I would commend the work of Fr. John Behr to my Western brothers and sisters. Behr is in some sense “Western” himself, educated at Oxford and now dean of SVS in New York. I find him very down to earth and less heady than other more recent Orthodox writers and theologians. Here, for example, is a critique of Behr on a more recent theological anthropology that is still in some senses largely unquestioned (!):

“A further modification resulting from putting “premodern” theology in “modern” clothing is that it obscures the person of Christ and his Cross. It became almost the consensus position of theology at the end of the last century that to be in the image of God is to be a person in communion, imaging the three persons in communion in heaven: Christ has been put out of the picture, except insofar as he is one of the persons in communion in heaven. But, the New Testament, and the Fathers following the apostles, are emphatic that Christ alone is the image of God, and that to be in the image of God is to be conformed to his image, by being crucified with him, taking up the Cross.”


If you’re looking for somewhere to start with Behr I highly recommend The Mystery of Christ.


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