UEFA Euro2012 Predictions – Group Stage.

Whelp, it’s Euro 2012 time. Yes! Here are my totally unscientific picks for the group stage:

Group A: Poland & Russia. That’s right, Poland. I actually think Poland have a decent shot in the tourny. We’ll see.

Group B: Germany & Netherlands. I’d love to see Portugal bow out in the first round. Plus, the German’s are my (sensible) pick to win the tournament.

Group C: Spain & Ireland. I have a longstanding history of hating the Italians when it comes to footy. Here’s hoping Ireland can leave them in the dust. The opening match of World Cup ’94 between the Irish and Italians is one of my all-time favourite matches. Also, I should note that Ireland are my not-so-sensible pick to win the tournament. What a return to Euro Cup action (after a 24 year absense) that would be!

Group D: Sweden & England. I hate France – http://youtu.be/jxw1-Id91lQ – http://youtu.be/qi64Tbad2Qc – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thierry_Henry_handball_incident


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