Email exchange with a rather distinguished professor.

The following is a series of emails I exchanged with a good humoured professor from Wycliffe College whom I shall leave anonymous. 😉 Personally, I think this simply testifies to the quality of faculty at Wycliffe!


Dear Jonathan,

I got the scoop on the book proofs (trying to do this from out of town has not been easy…):  they are running behind schedule.  Their plan is to have them back from the setter by the 26th, and so presumably to me that day or the day after.  Will that still work for you?
I hope all is well.  As you pass by our house, and notice a burned out carcass of a building, just break the news to us gently!

That sounds fine, thanks for letting me know. Does this mean that the original deadline they wanted it back by will be extended a bit?

The house is still standing at this point albeit I did notice one or two broken windows and I’m fairly sure there may be a homeless fellow squatting there at the moment. Should I do something about this?
Grace and peace.
Dear Jonathan,

Yes;  the deadline will simply be pushed back all around,.
I don’t mind the squatters.  Just make sure, if you can, that there’s enough toilet paper.
  1. Daniel said:

    Yes, ha ha. But it’s not very anonymous.

    • jt* said:

      True enough, especially for those in the know. Good thing it’s just plain funny and not incriminating!

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