Theological Rules.

Rule: God is the subject of the verbs.

(This is most certainly one of the most important rules!)

  1. John said:

    Jesus of course was not in any sense a theologian, nor is the Bible a theological text.

    Is God really the subject of theology?

    Are Christians who are by self definition sinners, and who are therefore actively dissociating themselves from The Living Divine Reality, capable of saying anything about The Living Divine Reality that could be in any sense Real or True (or which is not an extension of their own Godlessness)?

    The pursuit of the literate answer, the mental solutions of our philosophy and “theology”, is uniquely responsible for the confusion and smallness, the self-involved and anxious energy of Western religion and life altogether.
    The “problem” of True Knowledge and Spiritual Truth is not ‘theological” or intellectual, linguistic or cultural. It is the “problem” of the Spirit, of the feeling-heart and its moment to moment active dissociation from The Living Divine Reality which IS Alive as all beings and things.

    “God” is an object in a universe of brain created language games. To pursue religious Truth by the effort to create a whole “theology” is really to pursue or create a circle about and around ones presumed separate and separative self. For the “I” is the “God” of language. I create the universe of thought, and thus “God” is never more than one of many things within it.
    God as Reality is the indivisible unity or integrity of all things, even of myself. And so language or any objective mode is no way to The Living Divine Reality. Only conscious surrender of all that one presumes to be IS the way to The Living Divine Reality.

    For you as a Christian, and of course for everyone else too, the death of bodies is a philosophical matter that causes untrust, distrust, and hell-deep fear, a matter that fills you with philosophical and “theological” propositions that are always Godless, Ecstasy-less, Bliss-less.
    The Cosmic Domain is full of death, full of process, full of changes. It is an always spontaneously arising Light show which changes in every moment.
    Ecstasy, and thus Right Life requires trust and the utter acceptance of death!

    • jt* said:

      I’m terribly sorry John but we seem to be talking about completely different things. You seem to have what I am trying to talk about figured out pretty well but I, on the other hand, have no idea what you are talking about (probably because I lack the required enlightenment).

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