On assuming a position of humility: A letter to those who oppose President Bush’s presence at a Tyndale event.

So, as most of us are likely aware the fundraising breakfast which would have hosted President George W. Bush and profit Tyndale has allegedly been cancelled. I say allegedly not because I am skeptical as to whether or not this is true but because very little has been publicly said about this aside from a very short, very generic statement on Tyndale’s website about a breakfast being cancelled.

Now what? For those of us who are glad to hear of this alleged cancellation what should we do now? I propose the following suggestions:

1) Pray. Pray for Dr. Nelson. Pray for Tyndale UC&S (faculty, staff, students, donors etc). Pray for President Bush (Lord knows it ain’t easy being publicly rejected!).

2) Set aside childish ambition. Allow me to expand. Dr. Nelson is not an enemy. He seems to me to be a rather kind and gentle man. Further, if you find yourself submitted to Christ and his Body Dr. Nelson is a dear brother. Thus, my plea to those who are foolishly calling for Dr. Nelson’s resignation, stop. Further, let us set aside any ideology that may make enemies out of friends. The goal with this protest was not to divide but to express concern and ask Tyndale to reconsider. Now that they seem to have done so let us proceed with much grace and wisdom.

3) Maintain relation with Tyndale. As those affiliated with Tyndale we all have a say. Do you have concerns? Voice them, but do so in the context of relation. Let us not turn our backs on one another and fool ourselves into thinking we are much better. This is prideful arrogance and ought to be avoided. Pursue peace.

4) Wait. Give Tyndale a day or two for crying out loud. Given that this is in the papers I’m sure there is some sort of public statement coming. Dr. Nelson is at the funeral of a close friend. Let’s assume a position of humility here and see what happens. Yes we want public and specific confirmation that Tyndale has not only removed their name from the event but that they will in fact refuse to profit from this event even at a possible future date. Let’s wait and see if this happens.

I urge my brothers and sisters here to clothe yourselves with Christ, and to be overflowing with mercy.

Grace and peace.

JR Turtle.

  1. Beth said:

    The cancellation was on CBC this morning. So I think that makes it official? Said it was due to scheduling conflicts, but that former students & some staff had spoken out against Dubya’s appearance.

    • jt* said:

      Interesting. Thanks Beth.

  2. Duane said:

    I had not heard any info on the protest much less the breakfast with Bush.
    The breakfast fundraiser I get, but what were the specific objections?

    • jt* said:

      You can find more info at http://www.tyndale.co, although I should warn you it’s turned into a bit of a debacle. Not everyone who began that opposition to Bush x Tyndale are in agreement on anything. Start at the beginning and you can see the progression. It all started with an article in the Star on Monday breaking the news of the breakfast.

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