The Last 3 Years.

It’s rather mind-boggling to think of how time just progresses. On and on we go. There’s no stopping it or hitting pause. Life just happens and we make choices and adapt as we go.

This week has been a blur for me. Every day has been filled with eager anticipation and expectation. Christina and I are expecting our first child, a daughter named Charlotte. She was due this past Sunday, July 24th but she’s now 5 days late (she must take after her Pop). So, quite literally every day this week I’ve awoken with fresh hope for the day. Perhaps this will be the day we get to hold her?

Anyways, I was going back in the blog archives and reflecting on where we’ve been. Man, it’s been a crazy trip, even just the last 3 years. Take for example this blog post from July 28th, 2008, 3 years ago yesterday.

I was youth pastoring at the time. We had recently been out east with a group of students from our church (it was a great trip btw). More recently we had just finished our first ever sports camp for kids in the community. It’s a bit surreal looking at the people in the photograph. Back then we saw them each and every week. They were our community. Now, 3 years later, I hardly talk to any of them. It’s strange even looking at myself in that picture. I’ve changed a lot since then. I’ve experienced failures and success since that picture was taken. I’ve been through some significant “paradigm shifting” moments. I’m love my wife more honestly and deeply now than then.

Also at the time of this post we were still living in Aurora and just visiting Church in the Beach on occasion. This is so strange to talk about because since then CITB has become our community. These are the folks we live with now, that we see each and every week, that we experience joy and sadness with. To think of not being part of this community 3 years from now breaks my heart. We have significant, formative relationships here. One’s that I hope will last a lifetime. Reading what I wrote about CITB in that post from 3 years ago makes me chuckle a bit. I can hear the frustration in my tone. The pride. The reason for our visit to CITB that evening was to be commissioned for a trip to Europe with Greater Europe Mission. It was fantastic. We still have a really good relationship with GEM and I’ve been back once since. We also made some good friends from the US on that trip that we’ve stayed in contact with (despite the fact that they’re American). Last summer we met them in Chicago for a weekend and this summer they came up to Toronto to hang out with us. That same night we visited CITB we partied after because our Iranian friend Azita won her court case and was granted refugee status in Canada. We’re still friends with Azita today and I’ve learned much from her gentle, humble demeanor and her love for Jesus.

Anyways, that was all 3 years ago. Today we’re living in our second place in Toronto, with 3 other people. We’re about to be parents and on top of that I’m going into my 3rd (and final) year of seminary. The past few years at Wycliffe have also been incredible and I’ve met some amazing people, but that’s a blog for another day.

Whelp, I guess that’s it. I don’t know how this ended up becoming a post. I just started to think about that post from 3 years ago and began to write and, well, here we are.

Time is strange. So is change. Reminds me of a quote from John Henry Newman:

To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often.

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