Best deal ever.

Oh happy day!

About a week or so ago I came across a deal I just could not refuse.

Karl Barth is regarded by many as one of the (if not the) most influential theologians of the 19th/20th centuries. His main work, Church Dogmatics, is a 9,000 word epic and retails for somewhere around $1,000 in hardcover. Well, I received a tip and ended up finding the entire Church Dogmatics in hard cover on sale for $99. That’s a savings of 90%. So, it sort of goes without saying that I had to get it.

This will be a long term reading project but I’m already excited to begin.

If you’re at all interested in theology and thinking about our common faith it would be hard to go wrong with Barth. 9,000 words may seem intimidating, but I’d recommend finding yourself a copy of x. At 155 pages it is a lot more manageable and hey, Stanley Hauerwas named it as one of the most important little books of theology. Here’s a little sample for y’all:

“The heart of the object of Christian faith is the word of the act in which God from all eternity willed to become man in Jesus Christ for our good, did become man in time for our good, and will be and remain man in eternity for our good. This work of the Son of God includes in itself the work of the Father as its presupposition and the work of the Holy Spirit as its consequence,” (65).


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