I started this blog back in February 2007. I never had a blog before that. I never was really able to keep a journal. But 6 months into youth pastoring I figured that it would be a fruitful exercise to jot down some thoughts every now and then.

I’ve been through a hell of a lot blogging here. There have been times when I’ve had to stop typing because I was laughing so hard and other times where I could not bring myself to type another word because the tears would not stop flowing.

In many ways this blog documents my birth and death and all of the tom foolery and wandering in the desert in between. Some of what I wrote here was written in the hope that it would somehow benefit others. But a lot of it was written because I could not keep it in; it was written for myself. Some of what I wrote on here was happy-go-lucky while other posts were reluctantly removed at the threat of force (and are now forever lost somewhere). Everything that I wrote was truthful in that it was my honest wrestling with issues (which often is not a safe practice). Perhaps some of the things I wrote in past years did not represent orthodox Christian belief. Perhaps some of it was foolish an egotistical. But that’s all besides the point now.

All in all it was a good ride.

However, I’m a much different person now. I’ve literally experienced a transformation in the last year and feel that I’m no longer the same person who wrote much of what I wrote here. Of course, I am the same person and these things are all honest expressions of myself but I’ve turned a new page. I’ve moved on from a lot of past posts. I like to think I’ve matured a good deal in the past (almost) 4 years since I first started blogging.

And so, as a result, I’m closing the book on an important chapter of my life. I’m not finished writing of course. In the next month or so I hope to start fresh. There will still be the same honesty and openness, the same pursuit of Truth and goodness. But it’s a new chapter.

Thanks for the memories.

See ya.


Photo Cred: Uncherished (http://uncherished.deviantart.com/art/zombie-14448624)

  1. paul lubberts said:

    Shame I didn’t catch the show from the start, oh well.
    Way to go out on a high note with you short treatise on the Trinity though. Tell me, did you plan it that way because it seems rather poetic.
    Bravo and au revoir…

  2. well if your starting fresh, does this mean elsewhere that we’ll be able to read?

    • jt* said:

      Yeah I’m going to start setting something up in a few weeks after exams/papers. Also, I’ll be in touch shortly about coming for a visit. You guys busy over Christmas/early Jan?

      Grace and peace.

  3. Hope to hear more from ya in the future – I really dug the blog!

  4. We loved the blog! The content, and especially the honesty. It helped inspire me to put myself out there into the ‘sphere.
    Looking forward to reading more JT in the future.

  5. Orlagh Turtle said:

    it has been a lots of fun reading your interesting and often challenging blogs, and has kept this momma on her knees before her Savior in prayer for this wonderful son as a precious gift…way to go Jonathan, I look forward to many more years of challenging reading……..its has been a fun ride so far! Merry Christmas to you and my beautiful daughter-in-love Christina !

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