If God sends thee to sea.

“Mark this also, if God send thee to the sea, and promise to go with thee, and to bring thee safe to land, he will raise up a tempest against thee, to prove whether thou wilt abide by his word, and that thou mayest feel thy faith and perceive his goodness: for if it were always fair weather and thou never brought into such jeopardy whence his mercy only delivered thee; thy faith should be but a presumption, and thou shouldest be ever unthankful to God and merciless unto thy neighbour.”


– William Tyndale.

  1. Interesting quote Jon. It relates to what I was musing on this morning: The correlation between suffering and thankfulness.

    Athletes practice with ankle weights in order to feel light footed when it comes to the race. Baseball players practice on deck with two bats instead of one.

    The lightness we feel is correlated to the previous heaviness we experienced. The amount of weight and duration of time it is on us will influence how light we feel when it is released.

    I believe this is why the most thankful people I know seem to have been through very difficult times.

  2. I like the quote! Faith ain’t no easy road.

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