Grandad’s Catechism.

This past January my family and I returned last minute to Ireland. My grandfather had just died at age 96. I have many fond memories with

Front cover.

grandad and, despite the fact that we were separated by an ocean, every time we met again it was like we had just seen each other the day before. My father stayed on longer than we did in January to begin the task of clearing out the house and moving my grannie into a retirement home. In the process, he found a lot of interesting things around the house.

Just the other week we were visiting my parents when my father gave me a very old copy of The Shorter Catechism. My grandad received it in 1934 when he joined the police force at age 20. This is special for me not only because of my relationship with my grandad, but because of my interest in theology and the Christian tradition. Here are a few photographs (click to enlarge):

Inside cover



Advert on back cover.

Dog earred from '34.

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  1. Sweet pics. Can you order me a box of fountain pens for a penny!
    I used to read the catechism sometimes. I actually had a line posted on my wall for a while…”Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever.”

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