Slow Summer.

It’s been a slow summer for blogging for me. I’ve been trying to keep up with it but I haven’t been reading as much so my brain has kind of been on vacation. I’ve been posting mostly short videos and quotes for much of the summer along with some random thoughts but haven’t really put in a solid reflection piece since June 9th. Dang!

Perhaps summer is just slower for everyone? Here’s to a more stimulating fall.

  1. Andrew said:

    Dont worry about it – when I was in school I never did any sort of mentally productive work during my summer’s. Since I have graduated (3 months ago) I have read 3 books (keeping in mind 1 was over 1,300 pages) and had the most prolific blog posting month of my 2 year blogging career.

    So take it easy, give your brain a much needed summer reprieve – watch trashy TV and shoot some stuff in Halo.

  2. jt* said:


    On that note, we should play some video games soon. Your place or mine?

  3. Andrew said:

    either or my good man! while I do boast an impressive collection of games (just got it up to 16…i have too much spare time – except there are like 3 i havnt even played yet :S ), but you have fifa 10!

    so either way it is up to you my good chum!

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