Reasons why I love Mark Driscoll (sarcasm alert): Stupidly oversimplified views of gender.

Lovers of all things good and holy, beware of the following video.


  1. I was a pastor once… are men really made for “combat, conflict and dominion”? I also have been know to cry and finger paint…I hope I’m still a dude.

  2. jt* said:

    Mmm, frankly Mike, it doesn’t sound too good for you.

    Hey, how’d the move go? Where are you guys now?

  3. William Dyer said:

    All you pansy-boys need to shut up and fight me. In a cage. Without shirts. Wearing tiny shorts. With Vaseline on our bodies.

  4. Things are good jt… we are slowly settling in our home in Newmarket… bringin’ a slice East York city love to the burbs…

    my people, by that I mean Greeks (but did you know that my Grandfather was born in Turkey?) have had wrestling down for centuries – here are some “real dudes” – screw the vaseline petroleum products and the cage – real men werstle in cowhides and cover their body in olive oil…link this…

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