Some wisdom from Mark Driscoll?

Don’t get me wrong: There are a lot of things that Mark Driscoll spouts off that I have a hard time with theologically. Because of that I’ve never really given him much of a chance (and perhaps rightly so?). However, I came across this sermon that I would recommend to most males (that being said, I’ll tell you now I don’t agree with it all). The first 10-15 minutes can be a bit painful (theologically, brash personality etc.) but it gets better as it goes. Personally, there were a few things he said that I could see in myself. And I think that’s the point. We all (men) have bits and pieces of this in ourselves. I think the key is the ability to see those things, repent, and move on from there.

The video is long so if you can’t make it through the whole thing I can’t blame you. But, if you can, give it a listen.

  1. i wish i could see the video… but im on some ghetto fabulous computers up here. maybe you could some up some of his points??

  2. jt* said:

    Yikes! It’s over an hour, that would be a lot of summing up. No promises, but let me see what I can do.

  3. George said:

    There seems to be plethora of blogs that do nothing more than post some video of a well known preacher with the instructions to watch it. There is no analysis of the video other than maybe a brief mention, as you did, that you don’t agree with it all.

    Well big deal! Your blog is nothing more than a waste of time.

  4. jt* said:

    Hey there George,

    Out of curiosity then, what would that make your comment?

    Glad to waste your time friendo!

    ps – I’m not sure if you’ve taken the time to peruse this waste of space I like to call a blog but if you had you’d have seen that’s it’s fairly rare that I post a video with little-to-no comment. If you ever feel like wasting more time there are loads of non-video related posts for you to complain about.


  5. Orlagh said:

    ….hahahahaha yea for Jonathan !!! good reply, can you hear me laughing !! Happy Day !

  6. James Tonn said:

    JT – I watched the whole video – really encouraged me, and made me think of many areas I can improve. Like you said, the guy is not perfect in his approach and theology, but a discerning spirit can glean quite a bit from this message. Thanks for the link and taking the time to post this for us. Would love to talk more about this in person as there was alot in this to chew on – hope to see you around this summer.
    P.S. Regarding the criticism above – there is a great quote that goes something like “The best visionaries have the most violent opposition from mediocre minds”. Thanks again.

  7. jt* said:

    James. Yeah I feel similarly about the video. We should grab a beer sometime…seems long overdue. Maybe I can make it to Newmarket and we can head over to the Crows Nest or something. I’ll keep you posted.

    • James Tonn said:

      Sweet, sounds good.

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