If this is Christianity, then it needs to be abandoned.

I saw this video recently. Barf. There are no expletives strong or vile enough to describe how I feel about this sort of bullshit, cowardly propaganda. Please, just stop talking.

Watch this video at your own risk. I warn you, it is extremely painful.

  1. Andrew said:

    he lost all credability when he grunted while lifting that fake portcullis! and then once he called Jim Wallis a “communist” in the first 10 seconds I was pretty much done

  2. Andrew said:

    oh and the best way to get him to stop talking is to stop listening! it not going to do anything, being aware of people like this wont help anyone. Simply ignore, forget and move on. Anything else will just make you more bitter.

    Advice from an already imbittered individual.

  3. jt* said:

    Good points across the board.

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