Dammit, delicious isn’t the word.

In keeping with the food related posts I present you with today’s lunch.

In our kitchen it’s all-day breakfast, everyday.

ps – I dare you to click on the picture. Beware, your monitor could explode from awesome overload.

  1. Jessica said:

    ha ha ummmm well it is for sure not vegan, but cut out the processed meat and get some free run eggs and organic cream cheese and you’re not doing too bad 😉 You should try out Ezekial brand english muffins in the freezer in the health food ilse…mmm you could make a yummy egg sandwhich with that XO

  2. paul Lubberts said:

    tsk tsk, animals on a friday!!! I’m gonna get you on my quasi-orthodox fast regime, just you wait! But mmmm…bagels.

  3. Andrew said:

    needs sausage, and im not talking dinky breakfast sausage or sausage rounds…needs a nice meaty italian sausage split sideways and spread over that deliciousy egg and cheese looking concotion

  4. jt* said:

    Wow, sausage sounds like a delicious addition! Thanks.

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