Run, Ricky, Run.

I’ve never been a huge football fan. I lightly follow it each season, enough to know what’s going on and who’s doing well and not-so-well. I do, however, remember Ricky Williams. When Ricky Williams, maybe one of the games best running-backs, first signed on with the Miami Dolphins he was incredible. Talented, gifted, athletic. He was like a poster boy at times. Then as years passed you heard rumors of marijuana and then seemingly out of no-where in 2004, 5 years after bursting into the NFL, he vanished. A few years later he popped up and played a strange year with the Toronto Argo’s as he was serving a ban from the NFL.

I was watching TV last night and this documentary about Williams came on on ESPN, ‘Run, Ricky, Run.’ Wow. I was really blown away. Maybe it’s just me but I see Christ all over this. The inner turmoil that Williams wrestles with is something that I find myself wrestling with: A general uneasiness with society and a longing for something much more beautiful and genuine. Anyways, if you ever get a chance to see it don’t turn it down. I only saw a bit of it last night but I’m really hoping I get another chance to watch the whole thing. Below is the trailer. I think one of the most captivating quotes from the trailer, for me, was: “I still don’t know as I sit here talking to you whether this is a product of him being bi-polar, or mentally ill, or it’s a product of him being the only sane person out there and the rest of us worshiping all the wrong things.”

The media really kicked the shit out of this poor guy. They painted it as if he was just some drug addict who chose drugs over a football career that people would die for. They painted him as this insane man who had lost touch. Obviously I don’t think it was this simple. Seeing this film, I saw a man who is deeply profound and hungry for something deeper. This isn’t something you see everyday. Don’t get me wrong, I think we all feel the need for something deeper, but it’s rare that we see someone in the media spotlight that is so open, honest, and humiliated in their pursuit of a more genuine, abundant life.

  1. I had a similar reaction. If you follow Ricky on Twitter, he quotes Jesus and speaks about Him.

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