Where the Wild Things Are.

I’d been wanting to see this movie ever since I first saw it advertised. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity until last evening but it was well worth the wait. I won’t bother summarizing the film, rather, I just highlight a few things that stuck out to me:

1) I love that Max’s time as King of the Wild Things parallels his real life back home. I was wondering the whole time if Carol was Max. There are certainly illusions: Max’s anger towards his sister which causes him to have a tantrum in her room. Rawr! For me this seemed a lot like the opening scene where we meet the WTs and Carol is spazzing out on peoples houses. Also, near the beginning we see Max alone in his bedroom and as the camera pans around we notice some of Max’s crafts: a big mountain village made of toilet paper rolls, little nest-like stick homes. Not only do the WTs live in nest-like stick homes but in Carol’s secret cave we see that he too has some very intricate model mountains. Notice also the fort full of furry stuffed animal friends that Max built in his bedroom. This is really similar to the fort he builds with the WTs on the island.

2) Other highlights for the film for me were: the appearance of the dog in the dessert; the self-conscious goat; the mocking laughter between Max and Judith as tensions were rising; Bob and Terry the owls (interrupting cow joke); the dirt clump fight (“Hey Douglas, get the goat. Knock his legs out.”); and the raccoon.

Finally, the visual’s in the film were stunning. Every shot was really great. And to top it all off, the musical score was wonderful!

All in all, a really great film that I would recommend.

Final grade: A.

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