So this is modern warfare?

I find it hard to imagine how any sort of modern warfare could be considered just. I encourage you to watch the video below but it’s not for the faint-of-heart. This sort of thing is really disgusting.

Lord save us.

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  1. Paul Lubberts said:

    I could only watch a few seconds of that. I know, from a military friend that the tactics they are up against from the “enemy” are generally just as ruthless. But the images of this video indicative of so much more. The attitude of “more of them for less of us” resonates deep in the west, and I would argue the rest of the world. The deep detachment from the other, and the deeper detachment from the self.
    What I want to say is that modern socio-economics, modern warfare, the decay of the environment, etc…all share the same root of greed and dehumanization. What I will say is this. When I worked the soil for hours to produce a few beets a began to see my face. When I gave some of those beets to my neighbour
    I saw his face. When he offered to help fix my car, I saw the face of God.
    Beets won’t solve the world’s problems, but they may help us remember our faces.

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