On receiving and entering the reign of God.

I’ve just begun reading Guder’s Missional Church and I’m really digging it.

“Daily life becomes a discipline of asking how one may move more squarely into the realm of God’s reign and how one may welcome and receive it into the fabric of one’s life this day more than ever before,” (97).


Most of us have been the victims and perpetrators of some terrible methods of evangelism. How does this receiving and entering the reign of God shape that?

“Evangelism would move from an act of recruiting or co-opting those outside the church to an invitation of companionship. The church would witness that its members, like others, hunger for the hope that there is a God who reigns in love and intends the good of the whole earth. The community of the church would testify that they have heard the announcement that such a reign is coming, and indeed is already breaking into the world. They would confirm that they have heard the open welcome and received it daily, and they would invite others to join them as those who also have been extended God’s welcome. To those invited, the church would offer itself to assist their entrance into the reign of God and to travel with them as co-pilgrims,” (97).

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  1. Lynn Malcolm said:

    Really interesting – I reckon it’s kinda like BEING who you’re supposed to be & not trying to drag anyone into a building to get them saved – we should be open letters – epistles really – the good the bad & the ugly – BUT with hope that HE changes us – from Glory to Glory – daily – as long as we keep looking to HIM – GOD BLESS – from Africa

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