Random thoughts on Lost season 6 ep. 1 (LA X).

Jacob’s Nemesis

So, ‘The Incident’ was a significant episode for many reasons not least of which we gained some insight into what was really happening on the island and discovered this intriguing relationship between Jacob and some other dude, his nemesis (the nemesis is also the smoke monster as made apparent in season 6 ep. 1). At any rate, there is a discussion between Jacob and his nemesis on the beach in ‘The Incident’ where the nemesis says that he will “find a loop-hole” and declares how badly he wants to kill Jacob. Now, fast forward to last nights episode and we’re given possibly more insight into this relationship. The nemesis (appearing as John Locke), when questioned by Ben, declares that he wants to get off the island and go home. Interesting. This raises some questions for me. Is the nemesis being held on the island by Jacob against his will? Is the nemesis actually Jacob’s captive? Does this make the nemesis “good” and Jacob “bad”? Where is “home” for a smoke monster (or is this a role he fills only on the island)? I had assumed the “loop-hole” the nemesis was talking about referred to him killing Jacob but is it possible that the “loop-hole” refers to him finding a way off the island and out from under Jacob’s possession?

Alternate universes (2 “presents”? Future-present and past-present)

It seems we’re working with two different realities here. One, with the characters on a plane that arrives safely in LAX in 2004 (or was it 2003?) and the other realty being on the island in 2007. Cool, however, this raises a few questions. 1) The underwater island. What’s up with this? 2) Desmond on the plane? But I thought he was in the hatch? 3) Charlie says, “this isn’t how it was supposed to happen. I was supposed to die,” (paraphrase). Interesting. 4) On the island, where the heck did the temple and all those other folks come from? Were they there all along? 1 & 2 lead me to believe that perhaps in the pilot when the plane crashed they actually went back in time, like way back (even though they thought they were present).


All I’m going to say is this. Death. Baptism. Eternal life?

Jack Shephard

Two important things here I think. 1) “Nothing’s irreversible.” I think this is an important quote that Jack says to John in LAX. 2) On the plane (that didn’t actually crash) Jack seemed to have memory of the folks from the island. You could see it in his eyes, in fact, he even mentioned to Des that he looked familiar. Strange.

Anyways, there’s more that I can say but since I’m a student I have work to do. This means I can only afford to be a part-time LOST nerd. Oh well, any other thoughts out there LOST fans?


Ok so another interesting point that I didn’t mention is Desmond’s character. Now, here’s what’s interesting. In season 5 Desmond refused to go back to the island because him and Penny had a child and he promised her he would not return. Eloise, Faraday’s mother, then told Des that the island was “not done” with him. So, here’s where it gets interesting. For the most part, the characters are on the island in the “future-present” and on the plane in the “past-present”. This doesn’t apply to Des though. First of all, he was on the plane in the “past-present” which was very strange, BUT, he’s also on the main land in the “future-present” in his life with Penny and their son. Crazy. It would seem then that Desmond will play an important role in season 6.

  1. ** I haven’t read this all- but about Jack telling des he looked familiar… in the flashBACKS in the earlier seasons Des and Jack met when they both were running in that stadium. So that could just means he recognizes him from that meeting.

  2. jt* said:

    Oh yeah that’s right. I forgot about that.

  3. jt* said:

    He did, however, seem to “remember” some of the other folks though.

  4. Ian said:

    Crazy start to season six, right? I was so confused for the first hour (still am, really), but am maybe starting to put some pieces together. John as the Man in Black is pretty bad ass. It’s clear that the ashes are meant to block out Smokey, which makes me wonder if the ring around the old cabin was meant to keep MIB in or out of it? We saw last season that it was burned down – maybe he’s been let out, or Ben was going there to do his will and not Jacob’s all along? That dynamic is still unclear to me in regards to who is good and who is bad.

    As for the alternate universe, there were several things different about it, ie: no Shannon, Desmond on the plane, Jack’s cut neck, him getting one bottle instead of two, Rose initiating a convo with him and not vice versa, Hurley considering himself lucky.

    I really dug that Hurley seems to be the new leader, and Jack’s line that you highlighted was key as well.

    Wow … this is going to be an amazing few months.

  5. jt* said:

    Yeah I was unclear about the ashes myself. I mean, if they were meant to keep Jacob’s nemesis *in* then how does that explain the black smoke appearing all over the island (I’m assuming here that Jacob’s nemesis/man in black *is* the same thing as the smoke because of the whole loop-hope conversation). Either way, I’m sure the cabin plays some sort of significant role.

    “Ben was going there to do his will and not Jacob’s all along?” That’s interesting. I mean Jacob obviously has always lived in the “shadow of the statue”. At the beginning of “the incident” his nemesis comes out of the jungle so perhaps he resided in the cabin. Also, the cabin moved at times didn’t it? Also, I feel like I remember when the cabin showed up in an earlier season that the circle of ash was broken then too. However, I can’t remember where/when that happened. Does that ring any bells for you?

  6. I wonder if the smoke monster dude was on the island to protect Jacob. When that dude is talking to the guys with the guns in the foot place he tells them that he is dead and they don’t have Jacob to protect anymore -they can go free. And when Jacob is talking to hurley about his death, he refers to the guy that coaxed ben to kill him that an “old friend grew tired of my presence”. Kind of reminds me of God and lucifer…no?

  7. all this refering to smokey saying he wants to get off the island and go “home”– which is super confusing to say the least.

  8. jt* said:

    Yeah I found that tragic line interesting as well.

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