It’s all a facade.

Frankly this is scary as hell.

The influence of major corporations on politics (I’m thinking of the US in particular here) isn’t really much of a secret. However, things are about to get a whole lot worse. The US Supreme court has just blocked a ban on corporate spending limits during elections. If this holds up, there will be no limit to how much money corporations can spend to “support” electoral candidates. Essentially, this opens the door for corporate America to buy the government of their choice.


God save us from the destructive lies and way of life of Wall St.

Jesus is Lord.

1 comment
  1. anonymous said:

    banks and corporations have always controlled governments and nations. only now, they have it in legal writing. this latest headline did not shock or surprise me, but points to a much more darker future ahead. V for Vendetta. NWO. It’s already here.

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