The simplicity of love.

Over the past few years as I’ve been wrestling with the faith I grew up in I’ve had a number of people approach me and say something along the lines of, “It’s not just all about love.” This always struck me as odd. Then what is it about?

Anyways, as I’ve been wrestling with my faith I’ve often felt the need to reject the image of God that I was taught to see in the tradition I grew up in in favour of a different image of God. But in the end, I’m trading in one image for another and God is bigger yet. I’m studying theology at a master’s level and it’s tempting in an academic setting to talk in ways you normally wouldn’t and act as if you can intellectually ascent towards God. This is all tiring stuff.

In the end I just want to simply be grasped by the One who is beyond all grasping. I want to be embraced in love and grow to genuinely love others.

God help me and be patient with me as I continue to be slow to understand.

  1. amen bro.
    it seems at some point the church has adapted into the cultural ways of this world, and our God became quite distorted by the way this society works. But if we know anything about Jesus it’s that his kingdom is not like any of this world.

  2. Orlagh Turtle said:

    These are my prayers for you too Jonathan, and indeed , one thing I do know, is that God IS faithful!!!! May He continue to take you to even deeper and more exciting places as HE has done for so many others !!! Numbers 6:24,24 &26

  3. andrew said:

    You’re going to love reading Jamie Smith’s “Desiring the Kingdom,” if these are some of the things you’re wrestling through right now…

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