The Parable of the Fat Baker.

There once was a baker who lived on the edge of a small rural town. This baker had an ancient secret recipe for the most delicious, mouth-watering, make-you-want-another-one brownies. He was not the only baker in town but he managed to attract many of the town folk since he often walked around the village handing out free samples of his baked goods. The reputation of the baker and his brownies spread to the surrounding towns and villages until the baker became overwhelmed with the demand. Luckily for the baker though he was beginning to bring in more money to help finance the demands of the local towns people. One day as the baker was walking along the road on his way home from purchasing some flour he was struck with an idea: “If I purchase a few cows and plant a few crops perhaps I can produce some of my own ingredients and cut down on my cost” he thought. So the baker did just that.

Over the next little while more and more people came to visit the baker. In fact, some townsfolk would visit him every week just to buy more brownies. As the baker’s bank account grew and grew he had another idea: “Perhaps if I spruce up the property around my home I will please my customers.” So the baker did just that. He planted a lovely garden full of all sorts of beautiful flowers and he planted lovely hedges all around the edge of his property.

The people were all very impressed with the baker’s beautiful home bakery and would tell all of their friends about it. As a result, many people came from far away to visit. In fact, the other bakery across town had to shut down because all of her customers left for the other baker.

The years passed and the baker’s reputation grew and grew and his brownies became more and more known throughout the land. His property developed beautifully until his gardens were packed full and the hedges around his land grew to no less than 10-feet tall! What a sight to behold! The hedges grew and grew and grew some more until they had totally enclosed the baker and cut off his view of the town. He didn’t really have to worry about going out any more though because everything he needed to bake was there within reach. He had his cows for milk, his chickens for eggs, and his grain for flour. He even had planted his own cacao trees to harvest cocoa beans.

Eventually, the baker never had any reason to leave his home any more because all he needed was there and the money he made he would pour back into his developments. The towns people found it harder and harder to visit the baker because his hedges had grown so big and thick that it was hard to get to him so eventually they stopped coming. And so developed the baker’s habit of dining on his own baked goods, which he found delicious, to the point where he became good and fat.

This is the story of the fat baker who became a recluse in his very own town.

  1. Michelle said:

    I love this too.

  2. Kristine said:

    I’d love to stage this for kids…

  3. jt* said:

    Kristine, by all means!

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