Behold the athiests nightmare.

Oh man. When the duo that are Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron came out with their evangelistic teaching tool “The Way of the Master” a few year ago I knew it was going to be ugly, and that was before I even saw any of it (come on Kirk! What happened to the good ole’ days?). Anyways, a friend of mine sent me this clip he found online and damn, this is just too funny not to display for the rest of you. Enjoy, I know you will!

First, a quote:

“Notice it has a point at the top for ease of entry. Just the right shape for the human mouth. Chewy, easy to digest and it’s even curved towards the face to make the whole process so much easier. Seriously Kurt, the whole of creation testifies to the genius of Gods creative hand”

What in the hell?!!

Watch for yourself…

  1. Michelle said:

    “the contents don’t squirt in your face.”

  2. jt* said:

    Yeah…it’s bad. I think it’s hilarious that there was inevitably a whole bunch of people behind the camera and Kurt sitting beside him and NO ONE thought to say, “Uh, hey there Ray…the banana bit is great and everything, really good stuff, I see your point about the tab…but…erm…do you think maybe people might think you could just as likely be referring to male genitalia?”

    I mean, COME ON! Surely with that many dudes around someone was laughing inside. Or perhaps the conversation went like this:

    “Hey Ray, when you start talking about banana’s squirting in your face and being the perfect fit for your mouth there’s the danger that people might laugh at you.”

    “Yeah I thought about that, but I think the banana bit is really great. So let’s just go with it.”

    “Uh, ya sure Ray…I guess you’re the boss.”

  3. yeah- i guess he never watch “never been kissed” which ruined bananas for me. And FOR REAL, when has a banana ever squirted someone in the face?

  4. Josh Martin said:

    I am no longer an atheist.

  5. jt* said:

    Chalk up another ‘W’ for team Christian. YEAH!

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