On doubt and certainty.

Back in March I was fired from the church where I was on staff. In hindsight it was a blessing. However, at the time I was pretty pissed-off. When I was called into the pastors office he sat me down and after he fired me he told me that I needed to go away and “figure out what I believed.” So, when I saw this cartoon up on Davids blog today I couldn’t help but post it! Sadly, it’s all too true.

  1. Don’t y0u dare question anything Jonathan Richard Turtle. Don’t you dare. And who the hell are you to doubt! YOU BETTER NOT!

  2. Matthew said:


  3. ryan said:

    Philipians 2 brings it all together quite nicely, and v12 puts the onus squarely on the indivual! …but if we are to continue working it out, when do we qualify??!
    But hey I hardly go to church lately, so maybe I shouldn’t comment :p

  4. David Kentie said:

    It’s like a dude coming into the Gym and saying ‘dude get off that bench press!’ and then proceeding through into a UFC match.

    Though there are moments in our lives where it feels like we teetering on a thin wire of Faith. There will come a day where the wire thickens again!

  5. Orlagh Turtle said:

    Thats so cool…sad but true, keep on running towards the goal…God IS Faithful.
    Pity that pastor didn’t take you under his wing as Paul did for Timothy…pray for him and indeed the church he pastors

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