Bumping and grinding your way to hell.

I’ve been following this guy for a while now. I’m saddened and can’t help but feel he’s missing something. Pray for Jesse.

  1. Annette said:

    “HO-MO-Sexuality”, man it was like he was trying to kill with his words. I would not run to him for help. He is scary. Great example of what NOT to do.
    Prayer for Jesse…
    “Lord, you are love and you want your people to return to you. Thank you for Jesse and what he is trying to do. Only you know his heart. Father, I wonder if he’s doing more harm than good? I pray that you would speak to his heart show him your way, the way of love. We lift our brother Jesse up to you. We ask that you would clearly show him YOUR way. Thanks God, Amen.

  2. Dan said:

    This guy looks no older than me, meaning that he probably grew up in the 1980s – 1990s, why is he dressed like some kind of old-timey person? Are his clothes and, to a lesser extent, his mannerism some component of his salvation? This is a very curious way to communicate the gospel that speaks more to the preacher’s nostalgia for the 19th C. than his is desire to speak so that a community may actually hear him.

  3. jt* said:

    Yeah I found that rather peculiar as well. I have him as a friend on facebook and he’s always posting videos. Interestingly, he posted a video of him talking about various doctrines in his living room and he was talking in a normal voice! He was still dressed in his normal attire though. Part of me thinks his whole street-preaching persona is an act.

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