DEATH! Swine Flu. Pandemic. DEATH! h1n1. FEAR, FEAR, FEAR. Oh, and DEATH!

Everyone ought to fear for their lives because the swine flu is coming.

Fear, and when you’re good and scared, listen to whatever the authorities ask you to do to help out your country during this time of great need.

According to US officials h1n1 is “widespread”. WIDESPREAD! Ever seen ‘I am Legend’ with Will Smith? Well neither did I, but at any rate, we’ll be living in some sort of post-apocalypse by spring time (Mr. Smith does an excellent job of demonstrating how to protect yourself from those already infected with h1n1).

At any rate, even though you have every reason to fear, you don’t have to worry about a thing. According to BBC news, “The White House said the president signed the proclamation concerning the 2009 h1n1 outbreak on Friday evening.” Yes he did! Many countries are preparing even now for this pandemic.

Whew! I was worried there until I heard that! According to some more US officials (they have a lot of officials) the president’s declaration was “similar to ones issued before hurricanes make landfall.” So we basically have nothing to worry about then. The government is just looking out for the people!

In the meantime, hurry out and get vaccinated because these poor folks have to make a living somehow.


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