The Basic Goodness of Humanity.

As Miroslav Volf puts it, even though we are all sinners from head to toe, none of us is a sinner through and through, with nothing good remaining in us. As sinners, we are still God’s good creatures (He said so, remember?). To use an old Reformation analogy, think of water and ink. “Water is the good creation, ink is sin, and the sinner is a glass of water with a few drops of ink. All the water in the glass is tainted, but it’s still mostly water, not ink,” (Volf, Free of Charge, 98). Similarly, we are all marred by sin and none of us represent the true humanity as we were created to. However, we are still ultimately God’s good creation.

When you look at folks whom you see as having more ink than you do, never forget in whose image they are made.

Grace and peace.


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