Madoff gets 150 years. Greed runs through us all.

Shaq to the Cavs and Carter to the Magic? Crazy.

Some of you know that we’ve been waiting on some government cheese for the last couple months (EI). Well it finally went through, now we can pay some rent. Yeah!

I’ve lost an entire layer of skin since coming back from South Carolina, dang.

Christina and I are settling into our new neighbourhood more and more. Yesterday was the big Pride Parade so it was pretty cool to see so many people out and about. The parade wasn’t as lewd as I thought it might be which was a nice surprise. Also, kudos to the city of Toronto. Yonge Street was an absolute mess last evening. Garbage just everywhere. However, the city had folks out working throughout the night and this morning Yonge was spotless. Nice.

I’m heading over to Europe from August 1-22. I need to raise some funds so I’ll be posting a seperate write up on that with more info for anyone that might want to help me out with that.

Whelp, time to jump on that bike and do some more exploring. Oh, also, Christina is getting loads of shifts at her job and had an interview last week for a full time position, so we’re hoping that works out for her!


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