Recent goings-on.

Christina and I, along with a couple other friends, just got back from South Carolina. We were originally headed for Virginia Beach but due to bad weather we made a last minute adjustment to our route and headed a little further south. I drove directly there, through the night, all 15 hours. The surprising thing was, I wasn’t even tired. Anyways, we camped out in Myrtle Beach so that was pretty fun. The beach was nice, however it was a little hot for my liking. In triple diget heat, even sunscreen doesn’t work! The highlight for me was surfing. On the Saturday morning we headed to a little town south of Myrtle Beach called Garden City and found a dope little surf shop where we got connected with a lesson. The waves were only 2-3 feet but it was fun to learn none-the-less.

We’re also starting to get a little more connected in various communities here in the city. We hung out with some people our age from church last night, so it was cool to meet some more people. Also, I’m hoping to get involved in another community close by, more on that later.

It’s Pride Week here in Toronto. It’s something I used to always hear about from the suburbs but living on the outskirts of the homosexual community here in the city provides a different perspective. We’re looking forward to hanging out during the big parade on Sunday and meeting new people. There’s something about the parade that makes me feel uncomfortable, to be honest. I’ve always seen the parade as scantily clad men squirting people with water guns. Maybe that’s generalization but I’m being honest, and generally, that’s what I’ve seen on news splices. I’m hoping that being there this year will change my perspective. I also feel like, because of our proximity, I’d like to be more connected with the homosexual community here in the city, so hopefully we make some new friends.

That’s about all for now. I haven’t written much in the way of theology lately, maybe that’s because we’ve been too busy trying to discover our new community. Oh, and we’ve been watching lot’s of Lost lately, we’re about midway through season 3. Good stuff. John just blew up the submarine, that was cool. I still don’t really know what’s up with the others yet, or that black smoke monster, whatever it is. So many questions!



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