On post-internet living.

The internet hasn’t always been around, you know that right? There was, believe it or not, at one point in time, no such thing existing as this “internet”. What the hell did everyone do? No online poker. No internet dating. No internet shopping. No games. Wow. People must have had to actually play poker, actually date, actually shop, and actually play games. Weird.

Since moving Christina and I have had no internet. And, interestingly enough, it’s been amazing. We are already spending more time together. Usually, in the evenings after a day at work Christina would just want to relax and watch TV which would mean that I would head over to the computer and play settlers because, damn, you know I can’t handle the Bachelorette. Those would be our evenings. TV. Internet. No actual meaningful interaction. But tonight was different. Christina came home from a day of work and since we don’t have cable, and we don’t have the internet, we sat down and had a real meal with each other. Then we went for a lovely walk down to Queen’s Park where there was an international drum festival on. We hung out in a park with a bunch of hippies for a while. Then we headed westward and continued on our walk around our new digs. Now, she’s watching an episode of Lost (we rented season 1, amazing), and I’m down at Starbucks checking the email and facebook. You know how it is.

See, that’s the sweet thing. We have 2 hours of free internet a day down at Starbucks. This means if we ever do need to check the internet every few days or so, we can run down here and do it for free.

So that’s that. If  you want a better relationship with people, a better actual relationship with people, and not just a romantic relationship, any kind of relationship, then take some time away from the screen. Because the interent hasn’t always been around, you know that right?

  1. Big Mike said:

    That is a good post. I don’t think the internet is going to catch on anyway.

  2. Rachel and I decided not to do any channels when we got married, it was a brilliant move. Then I moved my work computer out of the house, and that was even smarter. I’m with you, you gotta be more intentional with relationships over all that other stuff.

    However, then we found Lost….absolutely brilliant writing. You’re only in the first season, you just wait till season 5.

  3. Ian said:

    solid post, turtle. another great relationship builder is not having a car, thus having to walk everywhere and have some good chats along the way. enjoy living in the city.

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