Marriage contracts? What the hell?

This seems to me to be totally absurd. Our society is becoming less and less inclined towards deep, genuine, committed relationships and more inclined towards self-serving, sexually served, uncommitted relationships and I can’t help but think that this is dehumanizing and suppressing of the image of God in people, and therefore, steps in the wrong direction.

  1. Craig Carter said:

    This is absurd, why? Isn’t it just the next logical step in the destruction of marriage? When you have heard it proposed a hundred times, it will seen as “normal” as “same-sex marriage.” Isn’t it merely one step beyond no-fault divorce?

    Is anybody still under the illusion that we are not destroying mariage in Western culture? Don’t you get it? It is either the traditional and biblical view of “till death us do part” and “openness to new life” and “one flesh” or it is a gradual disintegration into individualism and nihilism.

  2. jt* said:

    It’s absurd, but not because I think there’s some sort of specific “attack on marriage” or anything like that. I feel like relationships are such a basic thing in terms of being human and made in God’s image and perhaps that is under attack. How we relate to each other on every level seems to be less good than it ought to be. In that case, marriage may fall under that, but I still don’t think that marriage is specifically under attack, although I could just be ignorant.

    Perhaps, rather than marriage being destroyed in Western culture, it’s how we relate to each other that is deteriorating?

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