One of the saddest things I’ve seen (in sports!).

Well it’s Sunday evening here in Aurora and I’ve just finished watching one of the saddest things I’ve seen in sports. The Detroit Pistons have been swept from the 1st round of the playoffs.

Reasons why this is sad:

1) The Pistons have dominated, dominated, the eastern division for the last decade, DECADE! ’00-’09 baby! So to see them get swept in the 1st round for the first time in, I don’t know (ever?), was a sad, sad thing.

2) They have led the league in crowd fanaticalness for most of the last 8 years. They just celebrated their 250+ish sellout, in a row! I know, I was there when they beat the Celtics at home in last years Eastern Conference Finals. Today however, as I watched the game, I was shocked to hear more, I kid you not *more*, support and cheering for the bloody Cav’s then for the motor-city boys. The crowd was going nuts for Lebron as he threw down dunks on one end and made huge blocks on the other. Nuts! And this is IN DETROIT! What? Also, I kid you not, there was nothing short of a celebration when the Cav’s won the game, and series. Celebration. IN DETROIT?! What the hell?! It’s a sad day in Detroit Pistons history.

3) Overall lack of team flow/feeling. The Piston’s certainly did not look like the team we’ve seen in the past. There was little-to-no commradery. A Piston would get knocked down on a charge or a lay-up and, unlike in previous seasons where there would have been 3 other Pistons there to help him up, he would have to get up by himself. They looked defeated. You could see it in their faces.

This has just been a terrible, terrible season for the Pistons and one that I’m sure has humbled the organization. A season highlighted by the Chauncey trade, the Iverson debacle and a 1st round sweep from the playoffs, at home, in front of a crowd that was cheering for the other team. Damn. I’m just glad that season is over.

In memory of what was:


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