A Good Weekend indeed!

So Easter was pretty sweet (is that too lose a term to describe a weekend that is attributed with remembering the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus?)! Christina worked all Good Friday which was a bummer but the rest of the day was great. I gathered with some friends at a local house church on Friday morning for a pancake breakfast and reading/discussing of the scriptures. Afterwords, I met with Christina for lunch and then returned to my friends house to play school yard games all afternoon, no joke. Foursquare, grounders. Yeah. Then I get a call from a friend offering me two free tickets to see the Raptors stink it up on Friday night. They were $270 a piece, score! Christina worked again on Saturday and I laid around the house reading and watching Scrubs. Later in the afternoon we headed over to celebrate Easter with my family which was nice. Sunday we were in Kitchener all day celebrating with Christina’s side of the fam which is always a fun time!

As you probably know, I’m not working at the moment so on Monday I rented some movies to watch throughout the week. Up until Monday, I’d never, I repeat, never, seen a single Star Wars film. I know. However, I’ve now seen both ‘A New Hope’ and ‘The Empire Strikes Back’. So far, ‘A New Hope’ has the lead for my fav, but I still have 4 more to go. Also, I rented ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’, which was super intense, and ‘Clockwork Orange’, which I have yet to watch but are both classic Stanley Kubric films. 

Now on to some more exciting news. Yesterday I drove downtown to the apartment office and paid our first and last months rent, so it’s official, Christina and I are moving downtown Toronto. We’re both super excited about this opportunity, despite the fact that we’ll be a little bit farther from people we really care about. But it’s only like 35 minutes from our old area so that’s not terrible. Anyways, the building we’re living in is @ 30 Charles St. West, so it’s basically right at Yonge/Bloor, which is sweet. A super central location that is close to everything. It’s a 10 minute walk to Wycliffe College, and about a 2 minute walk from hopeful employment. Anyways, I’m off for a hike. PEACE!

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  1. Ian said:

    glad you had a good easter, jt. congrats on the new apartment. lauren and i are considering jumping into central toronto life at some point as well, to be close to school. maybe we’ll end up in the same ‘hood. take care man.

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