On how I learnt about grace on Scrubs.

I saw an episode of Scrubs recently. Great show. It was the “My First Half-Acre” episode where JD purchases a plot of land for Mandy Moore and himself.

At one point in the show, Dr. Perry Cox, while trying to evade an awkward conversation, stood before the elevator and prays, “elevator please.” The elevator opens and as he backs into it Dr. Cox proclaims, “He’s got my back. Even if I don’t really believe in Him.”

Isn’t that a bit like grace?

  1. i love scrubs, extremely well written and full of tidbits like that.

  2. Tammy McQuestion said:

    This was my first time on your site tonight, it’s wonderful.
    I really relate to some of these stories, you have a real gift for writting.
    Thank-you for this it really blessed me today, keep on writting and I’ll keep reading.
    God bless you and your wife

  3. jt* said:

    Hey Tammy, thanks for the encouragement. Where are you from?

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