Recent goings-on (and some links).

I love Fridays/Saturdays, but especially Fridays. Fridays are my day off which means I don’t set foot in the office and try not to do too much “work” related stuff (although I enjoy my “work” with students and would likely be doing it anyway even if not paid). Anyways, on to the point, last Friday I took a stroll down to the Aurora Public Library not far from our house. It was the first time I’d set foot in there and was quite impressed. They have somewhat of a decent sized theology/philosophy section which was neat and I picked up two books, Life of The Beloved by Henri Nouwen and Jesus of Nazareth by Joseph Ratzinger. You may know the latter as the Pope. I haven’t started either just yet because it’s taking me decades to finish A Community of Character by Hauerwas. Half the time I’m not quite certain what he is saying when he goes into great detail on certain issues so I just try to grasp the ‘big picture’ if you will. Seems to be working, but at any rate, it’s turning out to be somewhat of a challenging read for me. What drew me to the Library though was the free DVD rentals and I picked up a handful of gems on Friday. Two big name flicks Fargo and Malcolm X. I had always heard a lot about Fargo but had never watched it. The Coen bro’s directed it and Frances McDormand did a great job playing the pregnant detective that cracks the case. We plan to watch Malcolm X tonight and that looks quite promising (Spike Lee and Denzel anyone? Hello!). We also picked up a couple of solid documentaries. Maxed Out provided a scary/sad look into the extent of credit card debt in America, pretty eye opening. Why We Fight examined the lust for war and violence that holds up the American empire. The film makers did a good job of delving into the problems of the military-industrial complex (the movie opens with Eisenhower’s ’61 Farewell address) and looking at the ‘big business’ side of war in the US as well as attempting to answer the question of why we fight? Really made me think about the kingdom of God and how it is centered around a suffering King that was victorious over the authorities and powers through the cross. Finally, picked up the classic film Hoop Dreams which follows two inner-city Chicago kids as they try and journey the path to the NBA. Lot’s of up’s and down’s. The film makers did a good job of really connecting you with the characters and their families and at one particular time, brought me to tears. I found this particularly interesting as Christina and I are taking 7 students to the southside of Chicago at the end of July.


I’m in the process of finishing up my long answer questions for my application to the University of Toronto. I’m hoping to pursue my master’s there in the fall @ Wycliffe College.


Christina just got hired on as relief staff for Crosslinks/Loft and she’s loving it. She works in a home of sorts that houses people suffering with various mental issues. Sounds cool.


Nathan ponders about the breadth of God’s grace. I really hear what he is saying here and my feeling is that if we could possibly conjure up how big grace could possibly be, that it would be surprisingly bigger still.


This is surely a thought provoking post and I certainly find myself able to empathize with it. A bit of a change from the “bible” we hear about in many evangelical circles.


Some college friends of mine are putting on a conference in March. I’ll be there fo’ sho! Check out the commercial below.

Whelp, I suppose that’s all for now. I’m gone, like the Raptor’s chances of making the playoffs (really! Who knew?!).


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