Basketball as of late.

The Raptors have lost some air are at .500 already. Monday nights game in Boston was incredible from a basketball perspective. The Raptors played their best half of basketball both offensively and defensively that I’ve seen from them in a long time…that would be the first half. They look on fire. Some incredible ball movement. One thing that I found incredible was the atmosphere in the place. I’ve been to a lot of intense Raptors playoff games and this definitely had playoff intensity written all over it. Bosh and Jose had sub-par games but the Raptors flexed some muscle. JO was strong down low of course and I thought he was going to come to blows with Perkins at one point. Then later on in the game KG got in Jose’s face and started talking trash and working up the crowd. To my surprise Jose didn’t let him get away with it and jawed right back! BIG UPS to Jose for talking back to KG. Toronto and Boston are both Atlantic Division contenders so naturally there is a rivalry there, but I see a really nice rivalry developing! Last night the Raptors lost again but we saw good things out of Bargnani! Reggie Evans is going to need some new ankles after Barg’s destroyed them on the baseline and threw down a reverse dunk! That was SICK WICKED AND NASTY (RIP Chuck)! He had a couple of great drives and it’s nice to see him finally growing a pair, getting aggressive and playing like he’s 7’0 (oh wait, he is 7’0). Couple of other Raptors notes:

– Someone needs to tell that clown Solomon that when he’s on the floor the ball *always* needs to go through the hands of either Bosh or JO when they’re on the floor.

– Moon needs to work on his shot selection. He takes some questionable shots and I’m not sure that’s his roll.


Totally different basketball story: The other day Christina and I went to catch a playoff game that one of our students, Kemi, was playing in. She’s in the 9th grade and plays for her school team. They were down by like 30 points in the first half and the other coach kept running full-court defense on them. What the heck? I got a little frustrated and yelled at the coach to let him know he should relax his defense a little bit when he’s up by 30 points (Big Mike probably would have clocked him!). Christina was a little embarrassed, but he listened…nice! Anyways, in the second half near the end of the game Kemi’s point guard was bringing the ball up the floor and all of a sudden the weirdest thing happened. Every player on her team except for the PG tripped and fell on the floor…simultaneously! Naturally the players on the other team stopped and looked and the PG jacked up a 3, and hit it! Then it suddenly clicked on me that it was a trick play. Maybe this makes no sense in type, but it was absolutely hilarious in person.

That’s all for now…PEACE!

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