Knowledge without action.

I’m reading a book at the moment and the authors, in a section on leadership and churches valuing Pastor/Teacher leaders more than others, write the following: “So-called ‘good teaching’ is not occurring in a church that has no heart for its community, since the purpose of teaching is to equip Christians for service,” (Frost & Hirsch, The Shaping of Things to Come, 68).

This got me thinking about a particular church in our area that is known for “good teaching”. In fact, people that attend this church often cite “good teaching” as a reason for attending there. Others even leave their old church to attend this one because of the “good teaching”. However, to my knowledge, there really isn’t much going on in the community. Sure, they give loads of money to missionaries overseas and hold various outreach events but there doesn’t seem to be much service happening. And in cases where there is, the vast majority of the congregation does not get involved. I’m speaking generally here of course because there are great people there that do get involved in their community, but this is all to ask the question, “What good is knowledge if there is no action?” Great teaching ought to lead to great action, should it not? Or am I way off base here?

Grace and peace.


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