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I’m not big on predictions, usually because I’m way off. However, the NBA regular season kicks off this Tuesday and by the looks of things it should be a pretty stellar season. A lot of teams will look very different this year so I’m quite excited to see how it all turns out. All chatter aside here are my predictions for the 8 teams from the east and west that will make the playoffs this year:

Eastern Conference:

1. Boston Celtics – Really, who can deny that these guys are the top team in the east.

2. Detroit Pistons – Such a solid team of guys that know how to play with each other.

3. Orlando Magic – Should improve on last years solid season

4. Toronto Raptors – All I can say is that I really hope everyone stays healthy and they get their act together. If these guys can gel, wow.

5. Atlanta Hawks – These guys look way better than they did just two seasons ago and should be an exciting team to watch.

6. Cleveland Caveliers – I’m not impressed with The Lebron James Cav’s. Nothing significant happened over the off season and there really isn’t much on this team to get excited about.

7. Chicago Bulls – I’m super excited to see the Bulls this year. They’re probably one of my favourite franchises of all time. Last season was terrible but this year should be much improved!

8. Philadelphia 76ers – Elton Brand at AI?! Wow, not bad.

Western Conference:

1. New Orleans – Most exciting team in the NBA? I think so!

2. LA Lakers

3. Utah Jazz

4. Dallas Mavericks

5. San Antonio Spurs

6. Phoenix Suns

7. Denver Nuggets

8. Portland Trailblazers (I’d love to see Portland in the post-season because I’m really excited to see these guys in action this year so consider this an honorary nomination. More than likely though we’ll either see the Houston Rockets or the LA Clippers in this position).

EDIT: I forgot my finals prediction. I’ll take the Lakers over the Pistons in 6. I know that the Celtics are probably the favourite to win the east but I think the Pistons can pull it off.

I’m looking at shooting and editing a short film. I have access to a video camera but it’s not all that great. Does anyone have any connections with a good video camera? I’d be willing to rent it off them for a day or two to shoot. Let me know if anything comes up. Thanks.

Friday, February 24, 1989. This is the day my family and I arrived in Canada from Belfast, Northern Ireland. I was 6.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008. This is the day that I shall travel downtown to write a test to become a Canadian citizen. I am 24. This has been 18 years in the making. To prepare I was given a book titled, ‘A Look at Canada,’ which I am to study in advance (although I hear the test isn’t that hard). After writing the test I’m anticipating that I will have to sing the national anthem and pledge allegiance to the Queen, the Prime Minister or Canada (at which point I’ll be crossing my fingers, you know, because then it will void the pledge, and of course, repenting for my idolatry!).

People become a citizen for all sorts of reasons I suppose. To vote, to be patriotic, to better identify themselves with a country et cetera. I’m not becoming a citizen for any of these reasons in particular. My primary reason for becoming a citizen is to make traveling easier. Essentially, I’m just tired of being probed every time I try and cross the US/Canadian border. If I can simply flash my Canadian passport I can spare myself all of the unpleasantries that are so inherent in said probing and it will make returning to Canada from wherever that much easier. I have no desire to pledge allegiance to a country for my allegiances lay elsewhere (Big Brother, if you are reading this I still quite like Canada and am content to be here).

So that’s the story of the last 18 years. Time to become a citizen.

Grace and peace.