The weekend review.

So Christina and I had a nice weekend. Yesterday was our one year anniversary but let me go back to Thursday for a moment.

On Thursday Christina and I packed our bags and headed up to the Delta Rocky Crest resort in Muskoka, Ontario. The resort is situated in Hammer Bay on Lake Joseph. It was such a sweet spot! We had this loft that we stayed in that was literally right on the water. We did some hiking and swimming and all in all it was a nice little retreat. We went away to celebrate our first anniversary which was actually yesterday, but we knew yesterday would be a busy day so we did it in advance.

Friday night when we got home we rented Run, Fatboy, Run and relaxed on the couch. The movie wasn’t as funny the second time around but I’d definately recommend it to everyone.

Saturday, we were total bums all day. We literally did nothing which was nice until Christina went to work at 5pm and I headed out for a poker night with some guys.

Sunday was good and was our actual anniversary so Christina made us eat some one-year old cake that she had been saving in the freezer. I don’t quite get that tradition but the cake was good anyway. Then in the evening we celebrated by going to Laser Quest with a bunch of students.



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