Paris update.

We got back to Paris last night. Yesterday morning we left Hungary and spent the day in Vienna. Crazy city. Wow. Our home in Paris is about 20 minutes north on the train in a town called Ecouen. We’re staying in a very old French building that used to be the servants house for the castle up the road. I’ve been taking pictures, and yes, it’s very cool!

Some things I learned from the conference we attended in Hungary:

– I need to read/think about scripture more than I do

– I need to pray more than I do

– There are a couple of families/people that God laid on my heart while in Hungary that I’ve been praying for non-stop. I’ve really been thinking a lot about the concept of finding a “person of peace’ (credit: Carol Davis) and allowing God to transform them and their oikos.

– I’ve been rethinking ways to reach people in the community with the Gospel that wouldn’t normally come to a church. This has been cool.

– I’ve seen the ‘Parable of the Sower’ in new light (more on this later). Essentially it’s more about the soil than anything else and so it’s important to sow abundantly and widely in order to discover soil that is good (as opposed to trying to find good soil and then sowing there)

Anyways, I’m off to read  and play Wii with some kids here. Cya.

Grace and peace.


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  1. Phil said:

    Our family has stayed in the centre at Ecouen at few times.. Praying for you as you do a bit of “soil testing” in France. (Matt tells me that he met and talked to you a bit on Monday as we were heading to the airport. Glad you guys connected. Hope to see you again in Dublin!

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