Great success?!

One of the things that’s always really irked me about the evangelical church here in North America is the way we most often determine success. The way we determine success in our evangelical churches is essentially stolen from a corporate business model and is typically based on “efficiency”, “productivity” and “numbers”. For great insight into how we’ve totally ripped this off from the business world check out “The Great Giveaway” by David Fitch (I have it if you’d like to borrow it), especially the chapter titled “Giving Away Success”.

The solution according to Fitch is that we give the corporate world back their views of success and begin to view success in the Church as FAITHFULNESS, specifically being faithful to the call to be the Body of Christ before a watching world.

As a suggestion, Fitch says we ought to use qualitative measures of community, among other things, to measure our faithfulness. For more on this see a previous post here.

One day I dream of a North American Church that is *actually* different from our surrounding culture (there are churches like this, but for the most part the evangelical church really doesn’t *do* anything differently than the rest of the culture…and no, the fact that you don’t swear isn’t what ought to set you apart).

Grace and peace.


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