europe bound.

so it’s official. christina and i are heading to europe for 3 weeks in august. i had hinted towards this in a post a little earlier but we were waiting on the church to clear us to go, and that happened today! we’ll be flying out of toronto on august 1st and we’ll be returning on the 24th.

we’re going to be hosted over there by a ministry called Greater Europe Mission (GEM) and we’re going with a a team of about 14, most of whom are from toronto. we fly into Paris for a couple of days and then fly from Paris to Vienna, Austria, hop on a bus and cross the border where we’ll be staying for just under a week in Sopron, the second largest city in Hungary. while there we’ll be attending a conference for all of GEMs church planters across europe and we’ll be staying at the hotel fagus, which looks crazy! after the conference we’ll be flying back to Paris where we’ll spend 2 weeks walking the streets of the city and checking out different ministries that are going on there. for christina and myself, this entire trip is free…we don’t have to pay a dime! so obviously we’re super excited for this opportunity which we feel is going to be very beneficial. we’re excited to travel, to learn and to serve others!

so how in the world did we get this opportunity? well my friend Paul is a pastor in the city of toronto and he is actually one of the team leaders. he invited us to come and be a part of the team at no cost. wow. thanks paul, and thanks GEM! oh and thanks God!



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