films as of late.

i’ve seen a couple good flicks lately and a couple bombs. to begin with, hot rod. when this movie first came out i didn’t even have it on my radar of movies to consider seeing. it just looked terribly corny/predictable. however, recently i’ve heard lot’s of people raving about how funny it is. so, i fell to peer pressure and rented it. whelp, i was correct. it was bloody terrible. rod, played by the dude from SNL, was brutal. such a terrible part. to make matters worse, whoever wrote that script should be beaten with blunt objects. it’s not that i found it dirty or inappropriate, it’s just that it wasn’t at all funny. save your time and forget that this movie ever happend.

last night, christina and i went and checked out ‘run, fatboy, run’. this movie stars simon pegg from shaun of the dead and hot fuzz. it was actually a very good movie! probably the best romantic comedy i’ve seen. pegg is hilarious no matter what role he plays. i would definately recommend checking this movie out.

for old times sake, i look forward to renting shaun of the dead tonight! YES!



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