blue jays and brawls.

last night jon gordon and i went to the jays game. $2 tuesday. who can resist? not i. nor jon. anyways, we were in the 5th row up in the 500 level. as far as baseball goes, it was a pretty good game, although the jays lost 9-8. however, this game was unlike any baseball game i’d ever been to.

it all began in the 6th inning. i heard a bunch of commotion coming from the section beside us so i looked over and there were two guys, standing toe-to-toe, right in each others face. people all around them were cheering them on and all of a sudden the two just errupted into a melee of fists. insane. security and cops came running up the stairs and pulled the two apart. (now i should interlude with something here. tickets in the upper bowl are only $2, which means spectators have more money to spend on beer. on top of this i must have seen at least 4 people pouring mickies into their soda bottles. long story short, there were a whole lot of drunk young adults in the upper bowl last night).

moments after the cops dragged those two out i heard more commotion coming from behind me so i turned around. i couldn’t believe it when i saw another fight breaking out! this one was between a young scrawny guy and some dude that looked like he would be fighting in UFC in two weeks! anyways, this particular fight involved more crowd participation because as the two guys were yelling at each other people began throwing bottles. then came the beer! people actually threw cups full of beer! insane! when the cops came to break up this fight someone even threw a mickie at one of the cops. wowzers.

moments after this fight i look, and 6 or so rows behind me another fight broke out, this time between some girls. then dudes got involved! all in all, in the span of about 10 minutes during the 6th inning there were 3 fights!

of course, the evening wouldn’t be complete without one more.

i left the jays game in amazement that night. 4 fights. bottles and beer being thrown at people. mickies being thrown at cops. i felt like i was at a frat party or something. oh, and then a guy who looked as if he was in his late teens got carried out of our section by EMS officers because he drank wayyy too much (we later saw him vomitting outside). sad.

needless to say, next time there is a $2 tuesday jays game, get yourself a ticket!

don’t throw beer at sporting events…remember?



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