NBA playoffs.

man i really like basketball. can i just say that the playoffs this year are going to be incredible? here are a couple of reasons why:

1) the east isn’t so bad after all. if the season ended today, there would only be one team in the playoffs in the east that would fall below .500. i can’t remember the last time this many + .500 teams there were in the east! plus, in the east you have, arguable, the two best teams in the L in boston and detroit. i can’t stand boston, but detroit is great. such a nitty gritty team. throw in orlando and toronto plus last years eastern champs in the cav’s and let’s not forget the feel-good run that philly is on (really, who knew!) and you’ve got a good playoff race in the east.

2) the western conference. my suggestion: forget about the seeding, sit back, and enjoy. period.

3) it looks like jersey won’t be seeing the post season. good.

anyways, moving on, let’s get specific to the raptors here. currently they’re sitting at 38-36, tied for 5th with the wiz. they only have 8 games left on the sched and only one of those games is against a + .500 team (detroit). the wiz also have only 8 games left, however, 4 of those are against teams that are + .500.

i’m hoping the raptors struggle a little bit, but not too much, to close out the season. just enough to stay in the 6th seed. here’s why: you get orlando in the first round as opposed to the defending eastern champs. i’d much rather see us take on orlando because our back-court would absolutely destroy them. plus our big’s are starting to play well, although i wouldn’t mind seeing rasho actually throw it down every now and then. dude is 7′ and still doing weak little lay-ups. throw that ish down big man! frig! if we meet up with cleveland in the first round, that’s not good (read: lebron).

also, and more importantly, assuming we make it out of the playoffs i would rather go through detroit than boston and in order for this to happen the rap’s must finish in 6th. if we finish in 5th and somehow make it past the cav’s then we run right into boston. ouch. i saw toronto play detroit in the playoffs like 5 or 6 seasons ago and it was really tight. i feel like we match up much better with detroit than boston.

that being said, here’s hoping for a 6th place finish.

did i mention that i love the playoffs. the last couple seasons the raps were in the post-season i scored some sweet tickets. last year i saw two games in toronto vs. NJ and then drove down to NY for game 6! it was wild!

anyways, here’s hoping the raps step it up in after the next 8 games.

oh, and i’m taking the lakers over detroit in 6 for the finals! 



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